Saturday, September 13, 2008

The First

I see the beautiful sky. The selection of reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, and purples. The sky is the Lord's canvas. Who thought of what a sunset would look like? He Did! He came up with it, and people may say that they can paint a beautiful sunset as well, but the Lord thought of beautiful! He thought of the original idea of beautiful. He gave us the instinct to think of something as beautiful.

So, if the Lord's idea of beautiful is covering the blue canvas of the sky with wonderful arrays of beautiful colors, I wonder what the FIRST sunset looked like. The sun had just been created. The Lord had just brought the earth into existence and it is the very first day of all time. There had never been any kind of pollution, no damage to the atmosphere, and no kind of smog. Additionally, there is no sin in the world yet. The eyes that see this sunset can handle the more beautiful and pure sunset that is truly beautiful. It may have covered so much more of this blue canvas God had created. It may have had different colors in it. It may have been much more intense without all the pollution. It may have been absolutely and totally different. I wonder what it looked like though. What would it have been like to stand there as Adam or Eve and see this awe-inspiring sight.

We see a sunset and still see the glory of the Lord in those incredible colors, in the intensity of the orange sky, in the remenants of the day behind us. How much more incredible must the very first have been.

I'm Amazed at Your Incredible Glory, Father!

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