Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oddly typical yet incredibly beautiful

To describe this setting is utterly impossible. My words are not sufficient. I sit here, in a chair outside the library. Having finished some much needed work, my head is cleared. As I look around I see friends talking and having fun together, people studying and spending time alone, kids running through the streets, cars parked outside the church. The feeling of the wind has mesmorized me all day. It is the most wonderful feeling that I can think of. It is a reassurance that something is here, that there is something above us all. It is the wonderful breath of God through my hair, upon my face. It kisses the leaves of the trees creating a sound unlike any other, and yet so familiar and comforting. The sun shines down, peeking through the branches, warming my skin and creating for me a blanket. It reflects off of cars, and tables, creating an image that, although looked over quite often, is incredibly beautiful. The colors, the sounds, the warmth, the famliarity of everything puts me at a loss for words. I am beside myself in wonder at this, it is so oddly typical yet incredibly beautiful. I needed a few days like this. Father, you knew my heart, and when I didn't know what I longed for, you knew exactly what that was. I needed to simply recognize that you are here. You are present in my life just as much as you were before I came here. You never change, you never leave, you never turn away from me.

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  1. Oh my gosh i am so glad that i convinced you to get a blog, cause i dont know what i would do if i didnt have these lovely posts everyday!
    i love you