Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Inconveivable day

7:00 am, warm showers, college classes, notes, breakfast with an incredible friend, beautifully blessed conversations, miracles, prayers answered, solving problems, yummy food, seeing wonderful people that I love, chocolate, conversations, cookie dough, cold weather, sweatshirts, glasses, inconcievably amazing friends, realizing how blessed I am, hilarious visits, funny situations, interesting people. (I'm copying steph with the list)

Waking up to the cold air and rainy weather was oddly refreshing. I love fall, it means a new time, new friends, new classes, new knowledge, and new opportunities. New opportunities, how thrilling! The exciting opportunity to share with a good friend the good news I have in my life. Christ is here, he's real, and he cares and loves. The prayers of the night before were answered. I was told to share Christ with somone, and it happened. As the conversation took its turns and went around its corners I slowly began to come to the realization that I am about to share Christ with my friend. I am about to tell her about my faith. As this revelation came to me I cried out to the Lord that He would give me the perfect words to touch her heart, to let her know that I love her so much. I want her to see that God loves her too. I want her to hear and embrace this news that I've heard.

My prayers were answered. She may not have fallen to the floor in tears, but she heard what I had to say. We grew closer. She knows I am here, ALWAYS. Incredible day. Absolutely incredible.

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